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Guardiola sees Real Madrid victory a career high point

City Celebrates Victory against Real Madrid

Jack Grealish stated that "I don't think many teams can do that to Real Madrid but when we're all together and playing, especially at home, we feel unstoppable" after Pep Guardiola's Man City club defeated Inter Milan to go to the Champions League final.

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Pep Guardiola warned that "every team is stoppable" in response to Jack Grealish's assertion that Manchester City "feel unstoppable" following their Champions League victory against Real Madrid.

After crushing Real Madrid 4-0 in the second leg of their semifinal match, City advanced to the final with a 5-1 overall victory.

Real Madrid was no match for City's incredible streak, which has seen them win their past 15 games at the Etihad Stadium and go 23 games without a loss. The Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter Milan will take place on June 10 in Istanbul.

Grealish, who once more mesmerized, exclaimed, "Unbelievable. It's so lovely to simply be here right now. Real Madrid is a team that I don't think many teams can defeat, but when we're all on the field together, especially at home, we feel unstoppable.

"I couldn't believe it when I read a statistic the other day showing how many Champions League games we have won at home as opposed to away. We feel unstoppable when we compete here in front of our supporters. We believe we are unbeatable, even within the league. You should be shocked by what we did to Bayern Munich, Leipzig, and tonight.

With Carlo Ancelotti the only manager to have made more final appearances in the history of the European Cup, Guardiola has now advanced to the Champions League final for a record-tying fourth time. His one and only game with City ended in a loss to Chelsea, but his team is the overwhelming favorite to face Inter Milan on June 10.

Given the opponent, Real Madrid, in the Champions League semifinal, Guardiola said: "This is one of the highest [results of my career]. We were required to perform well, which we did, particularly in the first half. Really, really good describes it.These last few days, I had the impression that we had the right balance of intensity and relaxation to play these kinds of games. After ten or fifteen minutes, I began to feel as though the anguish from last season was still present today. When we played somewhat similarly to how we played today last season [against Real Madrid], it was extremely difficult and difficult.

We had to take the poison to lose, which was incredibly difficult while we were there. There is always a second opportunity in football and in sports, so when Madrid was drawn, I responded, "Yes, I want it." Everything was available today. The enthusiasm we had in the previous season after a year of the players receiving criticism for lacking morals. Football caused us to lose, but today we were there. I am ecstatic for the organization as a whole.
"At the time, we accepted defeat, but now we're in the Champions League championship game. Life and football both present opportunities. You must keep trying; you cannot give up. We've been in two finals and one semi-final of the Champions League in the past three years, and we're one game away from winning the Premier League for the third consecutive season. That is being consistent. The caliber of this group. I am incredibly proud of that one amazing detail. Because they are so modest, they take every game seriously regardless of the opponent or competition.These men have been engaging in these actions for many years, and today they received compensation. We have time to get ready for the final, but first we need to be ready for Chelsea since we need to wrap up the Premier League as quickly as possible to get ready for United and Inter Milan in the FA Cup final.

Guardiola reacted negatively to Grealish's use of the word "unstoppable" when questioned about it. Any team can be stopped if you take the necessary action. The players' sentiments are admirable, but football can vary from game to game. You must remain composed. Although I would prefer to offer the players two days off, the Premier League prevents me from giving them one.

"Because Brighton and Brentford are such difficult destinations, we are unable to extend it. We must complete quickly so that we may psychologically prepare for the two finals we have.