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What should happen after the Shocking Remarks of Antonio Conte ?


Should Antonio Conte be fired straight now for his shocking remarks regarding the club?

Antonio Conte 

With contentious remarks, Antonio Conte criticized Tottenham's reputation in addition to its players.

When Antonio Conte is ready to depart, he makes it quite plain in public. He has never been afraid to publicly criticize the clubs he manages. He has been vocal about wanting to leave Tottenham this summer for months.

Conte made extraordinary comments, even for him, during Saturday's 3-3 draw with Southampton that may have gone too far. He criticized players for being "selfish," but refused to take responsibility for another two-goal lead that was blown. His assertion that failure is ingrained in the club's culture is more worrisome for Spurs supporters. Even if Tottenham's failures to win big are true, an active manager wouldn't say that.

Conte told reporters, "They are accustomed to it here. "They don't compete for a significant goal. They don't want to perform under pressure or experience stress while playing. This makes it simple. This Tottenham saga dates back 20 years. The owner is present, but they have never been successful. Why?"

Do Tottenham consider his remarks to be sufficiently disrespectful to fire him right away, or would it be too sensitive coming from a company that does have issues worth pointing out?