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Lloyd's Prediction that England will win the FIFA World Cup


 Lloyd's of London projects that England will win the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022, while OPTA AI is rooting for Brazil.

Lloyd is confident that England will finish first in their group and then advance to the knockout stages, where they will triumph over Senegal, France, and Spain. England will prevail over Brazil in the tournament's championship game to take home the trophy for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. OPTA, a leading producer of sports data, uses artificial intelligence to predict that Brazil will win.

Which facts, data, and information are being used to make these two different predictions?

The insurable value of each player served as the foundation for Lloyd's analysis and forecasting. The total insurable value is close to $26 billion, representing an increase of $10.6 billion year over year since 2018. Research is conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, and factors such as players' wages, sponsors, ages, and positions on the pitch are taken into consideration. At a price of $3.74 billion, England is the most expensive team in the tournament. France is in second place, with a total of $3.4 billion, followed by Brazil, with an estimated.