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Cristiano Ronaldo responds to Manchester United's threat


Following the backlash from his interview, Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo claims he doesn't care what people think of him.

Ronaldo is about to lose his job at United after making scathing remarks about the team and Erik ten Hag in a fiery interview.

At Portugal's World Cup training camp, Ronaldo said he was unconcerned about the fallout from his interview and that he always has the freedom to express himself.

Timing is timing, as Ronaldo put it. "From your perspective, it is simple to see how we can select timings. You can write the truth or the lie at any given time.

"I don't need to be concerned about what people may think. When I want to, I speak. Everyone is aware of who I am and what I stand for.

United will end the contract of the Portuguese star for tarnishing the reputation of the team. They have already started the legal process to end his contract, which has seven months left and will pay the 37-year-old £16 million in wages.

When asked if winning the World Cup with Portugal would end the argument over who is the greatest player of all time—him or Lionel Messi—Ronaldo responded, "No, I don't see things like that out there.

"Even if I won the World Cup, this discussion would continue. More people like me than others. Everything in life is similar. It's typical.

The World Cup will be the most significant event. Yes, one of the most, winning is a dream, but I'd still be happy if we didn't take home any more medals.

Ronaldo responded, "I think so, when asked if Portugal can win the World Cup. I have this impression, but we should proceed cautiously and consider the game with Ghana. This generation is good, and it will be lovely to see. I feel great, I've already recovered, and our practices have been going well. I'm ready to kick off the World Cup in style.